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Is your current website preventing you from meeting your online marketing goals? Whether you desire increased functionality or a more sophisticated look, you need an outstanding web design company to guide you in obtaining exceptional results.

Website re-designing is often needed when

  • Your website is outdated.
  • Your website has been existing for quite some time now (for example six months), but still no one notices it.
  • The designs are not getting along with the search engines.
  • Your website is hard to manage and understand.
  • The loading process usually takes several minutes.
  • Your website does not generate leads/sales.
  • You’re not satisfied with it.

Working with Infobool on your website redesign services will provide you with:

  • A uniquely designed, user-friendly website built to convert more visitors into customers
  • Multiple design prototypes to choose from that are anything but cookie-cutter from our award-winning, cutting-edge design team
  • Peace of mind that an up-to-date, conversion-oriented website will help boost your online marketing ROI
In the process of redesigning of a website, we follow the given 3 steps:
  1. Analysis: Our first step in redesigning a website is to analyze the current website. We go through the current website analyzing each and every aspect of it. In this step, we concentrate on the functionality of the site. We also examine every feature of the current website before making any changes to it. Its performance on the search engine is also checked. The graphics and the images of the website are checked to improve it later. In short, the advantages and disadvantages of the current website are evaluated before moving onto the next step.

  2. Client Interaction: This is the most important step in our process. In this step, we discuss with the client about his requirement and expectations from the new website. We give them a brief review of their current website that was examined in the first step. By the end of this step, we are sure of what changes are to be made in the current site. The user explains his business goals and his special requirements that he wishes to see. This helps us to lay a plan for the project.

  3. Redesign process: The actual process of redesigning takes place in this step. According to the plan laid out in step2, our team of trained and experienced developers starts the actual redesigning of the website. The reason behind our success is the balanced relationship between the whole team.
So, if you think that your website needs some redesigning then contacting us will be a good decision.

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