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Domain Registration, FAQs

QWho owns domains registered with Infobool Hosting for paid and free?

All domains registered with Infobool Hosting, as paid or free, belongs to the customer. You can fully manage your domain or transfer your domains registration away at any time.

QCan I keep my domain contact information private?

When you register a new domain, you give out your name, address, phone, and email, right? What you may not realize is that this information is PUBLIC. It's stored in what's called the WHOIS database, which is available to (and easily searchable by) marketing firms, spammers, and other online fraudsters; anywhere, at any time. But you can fight back, and hide this information. Domain WHOIS privacy protection, changes your public contact information in the following ways:

Replaces your physical address with PRIVATE

Changes your phone numbers to PRIVATE.

Substitutes your email address with a unique email address that helps block spammers but still lets real people with an interest in your domain get through.

QCan I transfer my domain registration to Infobool Hosting?

You can transfer domain registrations to your account at any time.

QWhat is the difference between a domain and a sub domain?

The difference between a sub domain and a domain name can be explained easily.

While a domain name is a full website address, totally independent of other domain names, a sub domain depends on a domain name. If for example "yourdomain.com" is your domain name, then http://yourdomain.com and http://www.yourdomain.com would be your domain name's address. A sub domain name would be a name *under* your domain name, something like "subdomain.yourdomain.com". Its address would then be: http://subdomain.yourdomain.com and http://www.subdomain.yourdomain.com. It can say anything you want instead of "sub domain" and the nice thing is that unlike a full domain name, a sub domain does not need to be registered - we will register it for you.

QCan I have a subdomain such as "something.yourdomainname.com"?

Yes, you will be able to have your own sub domain, such as something.yourdomainname.com. A sub domain is basically a subdirectory or folder created inside your FTP area which is a fully operating Web site. The main benefit of a sub domain is that it doesn't require domain name registration and fees that are associated with a full domain name.

QDo all plans offer static dedicated IP addresses?

Yes! Your hosting plan comes with full set of static dedicated IP addresses as per the plan's feature list.

QHow many subdomains can I add on your largest plan?

All of our plans include unlimited domains and sub-domains. This means that you will never have to worry about how many domains you can host with us.

QDo you offer private domain registrations?

We do not offer this feature at the time, but you can change your domain contact information as you like.

QWhat is transfer authorization code?

A transfer authorization code is required when transferring any .com/.net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .name and .cn domain name from one registrar to another. You can obtain Transfer Authorization code for your domain name registered with Infobool Hosting anytime.

QCan you register domains?

Yes, of course! We can register any available .com, .org, .net, .biz, .us, or .info using free domain credits that come with all of our hosting accounts. We can also register .tv, .cc, and .ca domains for an additional fee.

QHow long does it take for my domain name to resolve properly (to start working)?

It takes 24 to 72 hours for the nameserver changes to take effect. While your domain is in transfer, you can feel free to use your sites dedicated IP address to upload and test features on your website.

QDo you register all types of domains?

Yes we register the most popular domains extensions that are available on the market today like .com, .net, .co.in, .in, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .tv, .cc etc.

QHow much does it cost to register new domains?

The cost of registering a new domain depends upon the TLD (top level domain) being registered. TLD's are .com, .net, .org, etc. When you register a new domain, you have to select a TLD under which the domain will be registered, such as domain.com, .com being the TLD.

QDo you host all type of domains?

Yes we can host all type of domains; there are no restrictions on that at all.

QHow much bandwidth or data transfer can I use with your plans?

You will be allowed to use as much bandwidth as allotted by the hosting plan and you can increase your bandwidth limit via the customer control panel by upgrading your account.

QI have two domains can I host them with one hosting plan?

Yes, all of our hosting plans allow for multiple domain hosting.

QWhat happens if my domain expires? Can I still renew it?

When a domain expires, you have an approximate 30 day period to renew your domain at its regular rate. After that, your domain goes into a status called 'Extended Redemption" where you can still renew your domain for another 30 to 40 days at an increased price. This increased cost is charged by the domain issuing authority and we have to, unfortunately, pass that cost on to you. The price in extended redemption ranges from $100 to $270.

If you still choose not to renew your domain, it then goes through a short deletion period before it is opened back up to be repurchased by the general public. All of this comes together to illustrate why it is very important to set your domains to renew automatically. You can set renewal status as well as other domain options in your control panel.

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