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Applying for Job, FAQs

Q.How do I apply for a job?

When you find a job in the website’s career section that you would like to apply for, click on the Apply link from the job list or the ´Apply Online´ button from the job description page.

QWill I need a resume or CV?

Yes. You will need a resume or CV to complete the application process.

QHow do I submit a resume or CV?

As part of the application process, you need to visit career section in our website and choose for apply online if found relevant job in current opening section.

QWhat if I have trouble submitting my resume or CV online?

You may be trying to attach a document type that is not supported by our site, or that is too large. Generally, Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx), Adobe (.pdf) and Text (.txt) are valid document types for submission.

QWhen will I hear back?

Because of the volume of applications received, please understand that we cannot respond to each applicant individually. You will be contacted by a recruiter if more information is required, or you are considered for the position to which you applied.

QWho can I contact for more information?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide contact information for each job posting. Recruitment processes at Infobool differ by country and business unit and in many cases multiple people manage each opening at different points during the process. Due to the volume of applications we are unable to personally correspond with each applicant.

QI already work for Infobool – can I apply for another job through this site?

If you are already a Infobool employee, please use the Career Mobility website intended for internal candidates. If you are a contractor or other non-employee Infobool worker, you may use this site.

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