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Email Marketing

Keeping it simple, email marketing relates to sending emails to past, current as well as potential customers. The content of email relates to announcement of new products, better deals, rebates and offers, reduction in prices, sales & discounts, promoting programs and other information which the company wishes to pass on to its customers. Email Marketing contributes to adding credibility to the brand and also leverages brand awareness and recognition.

Marketing does mean communication with customers and by adopting email marketing, companies and merchants are switching over to the most effective means of communication which are preferred by the customers of today. Considered to be one of the easiest, quickest and even cost effective ways to reach across select target customer base, email marketing has become a very much preferred activity by most merchants who have or wish to have a sizeable online presence.

The entire email marketing strategy can be planned out and well monitored at every level. Right from accessing email addresses, customer preferences, spending criteria, location specific and other parameters, email marketing can be carried out in a perfectly planned out manner.

Highlighting the advantages of email marketing:

  • Scheduled Dispatch of email campaign is a swift process - ensuring no loss of time
  • Tracking the results of email campaign is feasible provided it is properly executed
  • Cost effective as couple of processes such as printing and dispatch of mailers are not required
  • The e-mailers can be sent to the number of people who have subscribed for them and/or are potential customers

Why Infobool?

Being an internet marketing agency, Infobool understands the core principles of email marketing which helps in turning Customers to Consumers. Infobool believes email marketing in India is an extremely viable channel which offers better outreach to customers apart from regular SEM practices. Infobool offers email marketing services which help to reach out to the targeted group leading to higher ROI.

Infobool offers expert support and advice on email marketing strategies along with access to all types of publishers and audiences as well.

Emails with personalized messages including effective subject lines, and quality content are developed which go a long way in building a strong merchant-customer relationship. This can be supported by the fact that Infobool offers a well established network coupled with marketing expertise for better performance. Equipped with latest analytical tracking tools and parameters, Infobool strives to attain a higher ROI for products and services promoted through email marketing initiatives.

Internet Marketing

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