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Blog Development & Customization

A blog is a great way to provide updated and fresh content to your customers. A well-designed, content-rich blog is assured to gain popularity and make your business known to your target audience. Your blog gives you an ideal platform wherefrom to enhance your social presence on the web. Infobool is here to help you attain web visibility through its blog customization and maintenance services. We custom design and develop and manage back-end operations to set up and popularize your blog. Our list of services includes:

Blog Installation

We install and set up your Blog. Our web designers create custom blog templates for you and help customize your blog to closely resemble your website.

Blog Design

Our web designers create custom blog designs that help give your blog a fresh and unique appearance and user-friendly interface. We also offer minor design tweaks to improve the look of your existing blog skin, change the color and style of existing fonts, design new headers, or as requested.

Wordpress and Blogspot are two of the most widely used blog softwares. We are proficient in using both blog softwares and can provide you with outstanding blogging sites for your posts. We can also help you with WordPress blog customization and Blogspot blog customization. If you have already selected a particular theme, we can customize it according to your requirements.

Blog Ad Integration

An effective and easy way to earn revenue is by integrating contextual and image ads offered by different companies in your blog. We help integrate textual, graphic and animated ads in your blog to enable you to earn good revenues from those ads.

Blog Social Media Integration

We integrate social media tools like videos, audio, Flash files and Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networking accounts in your blog to make it more interactive to visitors.

Search Engine Friendly Blog

Your blog is a powerful tool for tapping targeted users with frequent and relevant updates. Publishing new posts or adding blog pages to your website can increase traffic to your site.

At Infobool, we offer services to make your blog search engine friendly. By adding proper links and meta content to your blog, we help boost your blog's rank in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our online marketing team also offers you tips on promoting your blog.

Website Designing

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