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Application Maintenance Services

Application maintenance often takes the largest share of an IT budget, leaving limited scope for new development. It also requires expert-level knowledge to identify production issues, frequently dividing the attention of key software engineers. Infobool's Application Maintenance Service (AMS) helps you reduce maintenance costs while optimizing performance and quality of critical applications. AMS also frees up your expert resources to take on the proactive development initiatives that boost your top line.

Infobool's application maintenance process allows for effective capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. The process leverages the global delivery model wherein work responsibilities can be effectively distributed among various organizations depending on the criticality of the requests.

The processes for application maintenance services (AMS) of Infobool have been tailor-made exclusively for maintenance and have not been a development afterthought. It comes with consultative and portfolio-based approaches taking holistic views of information architecture, services, people and technology. The company has been collaborating with clients to completely understand technology roadmap, applications, processes, and business domain which will deliver solutions afterward.

Particularly, the great non-discretionary cost portion has been used for maintenance of present IT operations and functionality. It has been important for enterprises to take control of the IT application maintenance services’ cost to release resources for new functionality development.

For accurate and easy AMS transition, Infobool provided options to outsource maintenance trial segment which has been providing lower risks entry in using outsourcing. Such transition may be accelerated as savings and benefits realized. There are more services to avail from Infobool and it will continually serve more businesses.

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