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Data Migration Services

Data is the backbone of your business, connecting you to your customers, business processes and operating systems. When any part of your organization changes, it affects your data needs. Consolidating data across multiple legacy systems, coordinating teams and resources, and upgrading to current applications can be difficult to manage across geographical locations. Infobool has developed an end-to-end data migration methodology incorporating best practices, tools and accelerators to migrate data from multiple system(s) or source(s) to your ERP application. Infobool’s expertise not only reduces the time to migrate data, but also helps organizations modernize their IT environment for added flexibility. Infobool’s Data Migration Methodology ensures your applications portfolio and infrastructure align to your business priorities, operational requirements and budget needs.

Infobool offers data migration services to solve the challenges of large volume, enterprise data migration. We offer you comprehensive database migration strategy for you to move your data from one platform to another. Some of the main issues in data migration are application downtime, technical compatibility issues, data corruption, data usability, data loss and application performance issues.

Our technology experts work in synch with you to create a cost-effective, and crisp data migration plan. Our data migration process defines what data needs to be migrated, test ability to extract data from source, data profiling, data validation, map/aggregate data from source to destination, document mapping, build scripts to perform mapping, test and refine migration scripts, data retention strategy and data loading. Our data acquisition process is integrated with a proven data preparation process that includes automated data analysis (profiling), source to target mapping, and data cleansing that can reduce ETL timelines by as much as 35-50%. Using a comprehensive set of advanced, automated and proven high performance software tools, Infobool guarantees a smooth data migration process, enabling client companies to standardize and consolidate their IT systems around modern, reliable and more open environments.

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