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HR Automation Software

Human Resource Management Software is in huge demand to contour and retain your organization’s valuable asset – your people. Employees are the life and blood of any organization. Maintaining volumes of data to stay in line with ever-changing regulations and managing your people become difficult at times. Intelegain recognizes that exceptional human capital systems and practices have become the key strategic differentiators for successful organizations.

Businesses are beginning to realize that Human Capital Management is the basis for competitive differentiation in attracting and retaining the right talent.

The investment in HR software solution merges the speed of HR automation with corporate culture to generate a more productive and efficient work environment, and enables employees to achieve the set goals.

Our software solution helps you automate and optimize key HR functions while providing a flexible platform to adapt to changing regulations. Our customized software solution automatizes both routine and sporadic tasks.

Custom Development

Our custom development services include tailoring the software to suit your specific Human Resource requirements. Our custom software package adds transparency into your recruitment, off-boarding, and holiday request processes.

Our HR Automation Software provides

  • Password protected e-document storage option.
  • Elimination of human errors.
  • Automated audit logs.
  • Improve security.
  • Single point update option.
  • Determine and fix current HR management issues.

Our Vertical Solutions

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